Thursday, May 27, 2010


They go back out to the parking lot. To her car.
"What now?" he asks.
"Now, you hop in, and we go sightseeing."
"Sightseeing?" he says.
"Sightseeing. We visit all those places around here that are worth seeing."
"There's nothing around here worth seeing," he says.
"Sure there is, Alex. You've been gone for a while. They've been doing a bunch of building around here. The place is almost civilized. They're finally putting in some shopping."
"Thrillsville," he says.
And this interaction is emblematic of the thing about Rowena's personality that he hates the most. She is gabbing with him. Treating him as a great friend. Worse: she is treating him as women treat their girlfriends. Their down-and-out-girlfriends. Women have no problem with this, he things, bitterly. But every man hates it.
Hate, hate, hate.
He wishes he were back in the place from which he has just come. There, he did not feel hate. He had forgotten what a drain the emotion is. Draining in every possible way.

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