Friday, May 7, 2010


He has picked up jellyfish with his bare hands. At first, he had been afraid. But his father had cured him of his fears by having him scoop the creatures out of the water. Remembering his father's cure for fear causes a small surge of adrenaline to course through his body. The body has a strange memory for pain. It tingles at the thought of it. The tingle is pain, but not exactly. It is pain that the body creates at the thought of a painful experience. But, he considers, isn't all pain a creation of the body? Or is it a collaboration between the body and the empirical world? He chuckles at the thought. Pain being the result of collaboration. He considers the pain in his hand and is confused by it. Has his hand truly been severed and re-attached? If so, then his is the pain of collaboration. If, however, the pain is the result of a hallucinated existence, it is also the collaboration between his mind and some manner of abnormality, internal or external.
Regardless, however, his hand hurts.

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