Monday, May 17, 2010


Did something happen to me? he asks. Was I in an accident? Did I go into a coma?
No, she says.
He looks at her. A wave of bitterness flows over him. He has forgotten the pain she had caused him. Not that she had caused him -- that he felt back when he had... he does not want to go there. Obviously, he thinks, I am not over her. And this is where the bitterness comes from. I don't believe you, he says. I think I was in some horrible accident and I woke up in darkness.
You weren't in an accident, Alexander, she says.
Then what happened to me?
He remembers something.
You were with me, he says. Then, you left.
No, she says. I mean, yes, I left, but I came back and when I came back, it was you -- you weren't there.
I don't believe you, he repeats.
You weren't there, she says.

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