Saturday, May 1, 2010


He stares about for a moment or two as one will who has awoken in the morning and spent a few minutes simply meditating about his surroundings. The members of The Committee have not grown impatient with all of the time he has been spending ... investigating. It is not that the members are patient. Rather, he wonders whether they have a perception of time that is the same as his own. His gut says they do not. Based on the fact that they do not appear to him to change.
As far as his remembering having thought about nothing (Nothing) while a child in Maryland, he has had another thought -- a more philosophical thought than normal, he thinks. Even for him. If there is nothing, anywhere, and he is thinking about it, he must not be a part of anything. He must be beyond it. He must be Divine. For only a god can be outside of Nothing.
But he knows that he is not a god. And he knows that there is not nothing. That nowhere is there nothing.

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