Sunday, June 6, 2010


She calls over a stout, middle-aged eastern-European looking woman. "Daisy," says Rowena.
"Hello, Rowena," says Daisy.
"I just paid a visit to your father. He says you may have an opening at the library. My friend Alex, here, needs a job."
Daisy looks at Alex with a severe expression on her face. Then, she turns to Rowena.
"My father. He sent you? About him?"
"Indeed he did, Daisy," says Rowena.
Daisy looks at Alex, again. She reaches under the desk and takes out a folder. She opens the folder and takes out a sheet of paper that says "Employment Application." She hands the sheet to Alex. "Fill this out," she says. Alex takes the sheet. Daisy and Rowena then walk to the other end of the desk and begin to talk to each other. He cannot hear them, fully.
Alex begins to fumble around in his pockets. To no avail. "Do you have a pen?" he calls out to Daisy.
"Sure don't," says Daisy. She and Rowena continue their conversation.

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