Friday, June 4, 2010


"Jimmy," she says. "Your daughter works at the library, right?"
"Why, yes ma'am, she does! She's worked in town for, what twenty-some years, now. Started out one of the first full-time folk. Why do you ask?"
"My friend Alex is looking for a job."
Alex gives a start. But he decides to go along with this. Whatever Rowena is doing.
"Well, I don't know right off hand whether they're looking for anyone. I suppose I could put in a word for you. Tell her you came by," says Jimmy. "Better yet, why don't you go to the library and talk to her, yourself? She's there now. Will be until four or so. Meantime, you want to take some of those tomatoes over there, you're welcome to them. I wanted to sell them by today, but it looks like nobody's buying."
She reaches into her pocket, but she has no money. She turns to Alex. Alex takes out a ten and gives it to Jimmy.
Alex is surprized when the old farmer takes the bill. Especially since he has just offered to give them the old tomatoes for free.
They take the tomatoes in a paper bag Jimmy hands them, and they say their goodbyes. As they are leaving, Jimmy gives Alex a piercing look and says: "Pay attention to what this young lady shows you, Alex."

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