Saturday, June 5, 2010


They get back in the car. She waves at Jimmy who does not wave back. Jimmy continues to watch him.
"Show me whatever it is you have to show me, Rowena. I am beyond sick of this shit."
"I would imagine you've been beyond sick of this shit since you woke up."
"I can't remember having slept."
"You haven't in a very long time."
"Does that explain any of this? You told me I wasn't dreaming, and you told me that I was no where in particular that was different from the life I had been living."
"Yes, I said that. In so many words."
"Your just said 'since I woke up'. When did I wake up?"
"Just shut up for a bit, Alex, honey, will you? And follow Jimmy's advice."
They drive to the library, park the car, and go inside. It isn't the memory library he has placed in an important realm in his mind. It is not The Library. But it is the library he had gone to many times when he was growing up there. The place is over air-conditioned, no matter the season. He grew up associating the memories he had of this library with cold.
They approach the circulation desk.
"You need to find a job," she says.

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