Wednesday, June 2, 2010


They drive for a while more. They drive past the naval base and the town that surrounds it. He sees that there has, indeed, been quite a lot of building since he was last there. Many more stores. The place is less country. This is a shame, he thinks. The culture of watermen and farmers is dying out. If not already dead.
After a cluster of the strip malls, they drive a stretch of highway through farmland. Flat fields of brown and green. He doesn't know the cycles of crop rotation enough to know whether it is normal at this time of year, during this season, to have an empty field. Perhaps the fields he sees are resting from having been planted in the immediate past season.
Maryland had been known for its tobacco industry, but not so much any more. This, however, he thinks, is also probably a good thing. Except, of course, for the tobacco farmers. But farmers are industrious people. They will have found another crop.

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