Sunday, March 28, 2010


We must execute. I do not know why. Why must we execute? Because you have been elected chair. I don't want to be chair. It is not your choice. We must execute. I must execute. We must choose. I must choose. They are executed at o(m)u(y)r pleasure. Is this the duty of the chair? It is. It is y(our) duty. Look before you at the members. Look through them at their histories, and make the decision. How many must w(I)e choose? Y(w)o(e)u will know. It will be plainly evident. There will be no doubt. I will not do it. You cannot yet say that you won't do it. I know that I will not do it because it is not my nature to kill people. You are hunter. You called me by that name. It is not a name; it is a designation. Why do you not then say "you are a hunter?" Because you are beyond names. You cannot know what you can or cannot do, what you will or will not do, until you do it. I will not kill people. Your duty is to look over the histories. Why is it my duty? This is not a question that you may ask, at this point. You must first serve on the committee, and then, when you have served an appropriate length of time, you may be assumed into the order. But you may never be assumed into the order if you do not carry out the duties of the chair. There is more to this than you are able to know, at this juncture, and because of this, you are in no position to judge. You are to carry out your duties, or you will no longer serve, as chair, as committee member, or as hunter. Do I serve you? You serve yourself. Am I you? It is not that easy, hunter. Now, look at the members and let their histories come over you that you may pass judgment upon them. Be confident in the propriety of your duty.
He closes his eyes. He opens them and begins the process.

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