Thursday, March 25, 2010


And now, noble hunter, new amongst us and bearer of great perceptions, do rise before the committee and accept your elected role as leader of this committee.
A force lifts him, and he moves toward The Magnificence. Again, as much earlier, he knows he can resist this force, knows it is fully within his power to do so, and yet he does not resist. A calm has come over him -- the calm of a purpose and of a role, although he knows not what that purpose nor that role are. He approaches The Magnificence and notices, for the first time, that The Magnificence is itself the form of a chair. He sits. He is enveloped, his body conforms, his mind quiets. And yet, far in the back of his consciousness, a voice that is his and yet removed from him speaks to him -- and he has heard this voice before, as well. The voice reminds him of the presence of anxiety. He knows there is anxiety, he knows there is something to cause this anxiety and to validate it. Yet this knowledge is now more an intellectual recognition that a visceral feeling.

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