Friday, March 12, 2010


It's truly amazing what he is able to sense about the people -- his recently met fellow committee members -- seated around him at the table. Through some bizarre shit, The Magnificence is able to put into his mind, collages of personal histories, emotions, prayers, and dreams come flooding into his head. And the overwhelming conclusion he gets from all of it is that, despite the differences from person to person, each collage of personal history is somehow disconnected, somehow shorted out... somehow wrong. And the people themselves are aware of it. But they don't know what is wrong with the memories because, although attached to the memories are real feelings, undeneath all of these memories that seem real is a things that says no. And this thing bothers them more than the memories themselves, because they don't know where or what the thing is. But, for himself, he feels no such doubting thing. He is sure of his own memories, completely. And perhaps this freaks him out as much as the doubting thing he senses from the other committee members freaks them out.

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