Saturday, March 27, 2010


He looks at the Committee. He can see its make up much more clearly, now, and his mind, though still filled with hallucination and visions of inner histories, is less confused. Running a committee should not be so difficult so long as there is a program, and so long as you don't try to push something through that no one on the committee wants. Better to run with them than against them. And if you do have to push something through, best work things such that they think it is their idea to have the particular item or items passed. Best they push you. He doesn't think this way. He is thinking this way, but he doesn't think this way. This is his first committee, and he doesn't think this way, but now he is thinking this way, and it feels comfortable as he sits in this chair. He is hunter, and hunter doesn't think this way because hunter -- and hunter is who, or what, he is -- is hungry and out for something, though, of course, he has not yet figured out what it is that he is out for -- or, which is correct, that for which he is out. But he will, soon enough. And this committee which h(I)e chair(s) will lead him into it, directly.

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