Sunday, April 25, 2010


But not her. Them. This is not about her, and it never was. It was about the committee. It was about becoming a member of the order. It was about being able to ask questions because he had been elected to the order. She has been his guide, but she had not been anything more than his own constructed memory of her -- at least not for a long time. He sees a parallel, but he fights against seeing it. And so he sees it all the more. There was nothing that said she was his guide. She was his guide because he decided to define her in that way by following her. The parallel is that in this foul realm of metaphysical potato-rot blooming from the innards of a handful of committee members, the rhysome has been a guide, as well. And it, too, was not a guide until he decided, moments ago, to see it as one. Or, perhaps, as many. There are many guides around him.
Why do people play Cat's Cradle?

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