Tuesday, April 13, 2010


He asks these questions and, immediately, the answers present themselves in his mind, and he knows that they are not his own responses but those of The Magnificence. The answers come with a feeling of warmth and calm. An energy through his vains. Not a drug, but a charge. The charge is enabled by his interface with the Chair of The Magnificence in which he sits and of which he has become a part.
Is stench bad? Yes.
Is decay bad? Yes.
Is disease bad? Yes.
What does it mean to execute?
1. To put into effect; carry out
2. To perform; do
3. To create according to an existing design
4. To make valid
5. To perform a designated task
6. To put to death
7. To run (in the context of computer programming terminology)
(courtesy of dictionary.com)
The Magnificence has sent him a definition from the Internet. The Magnificence is connected. Of course it is. There is nothing that is not. But this is a freakish thing because it means that wherever he is, there is Internet service, as well. He wonders whether he has access. He asks, mentally, about The Magnificence. Nothing. He asks about The Committee. Nothing. He asks about The Order. Nothing. He asks about what it means to execute, and is, once again, presented with the seven part definition. The Magnificence is his Net Nanny.

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