Wednesday, April 14, 2010


He asks another question: Which of these seven definitions of "execute" should he use. There is no response. He loathes the idea of putting someone to death. Even interfaced with The Magnificence. The warm feeling has dissipated. Not in an unkind way, necessarily, but, he is realizing, any sort of intoxicating effects of the interface are very quickly assimilated by his own body, normalized by his metabolism -- or whatever the physiological term is -- and thus given a greater tolerence. This does not entirely please him. Yet another thought, a correlary of this one interests him: his growing tolerence of the effects of the interface reflects a growing capacity for whatever information and energy The Magnificence chooses to impart to him. Or, less gently, he is becoming less resistent to whatever garbage The Magnificence wants to pump into him.

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  1. I wonder how this project will read when it is finished and put together in book form???

    You may have just invented a completely new literary style...Just endless rambling and musing.